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A leading global manufacturer of standard and custom engineered products was leveraging outdated EDI software, which hampered their ability to rapidly onboard new customers, as the result of an acquisition.  Structured Solutions, Inc. was employed to upgrade their EDI package, as well as make it compliant  with their new ERP package (a parallel project).

A global Animal nutrition and feed manufacturer had made the decision to change from the bank that they had been exchanging financial EDI transactions with for many years to another..

A medical device manufacturer that serves the world-wide market has business units that are spread throughout the globe.  Many of these business units are recent acquisitions, which must now be “plugged into” the enterprise. 

A medical device manufacturer that serves the world-wide market had a highly customized version of their ERP.  They customized their ERP in response to the unique needs of their business model, as no off the shelf package is truly robust enough to service all of the intricate needs of a very large, global business.  The end result was an ERP package that adequately met their needs, but whose foundation was based on an outdated ERP release. 

Engineered Products and Systems Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer

Animal Nutrition and Feed Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer

A cryogenics device manufacturer had its back against the wall, with the ominous Y2K date change coming their way.  They were aware that with order bookings getting closer to Jan 1, 2000 there was potential to have an unreliable ERP, well in advance of Y2K.

Cryogenics Device Manufacturer