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Structured Solutions, Inc.

Babe Ruth June 19, 1938

About Us

Structured Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 in response to the growing demand for strong IT talent, qualified to meet the impending Y2K bug head on. We stepped up to the plate with many years of project management, business analysis and development experience and knocked the Y2K bug out of the park, for all of our customers.  The post Y2K business world that followed experienced a renewed fervor in which Structured Solutions, Inc. has been playing an integral role, helping companies move forward, and capitalizing on their substantial ERP investments.

Structured Solutions, Inc’s philosophy has always been to “give the customer what they want”.  We support this philosophy via detailed needs assessment and detailed requirement’s analysis followed by ongoing auditing of the work products, ensuring that we are on track to meet the needs of the customer.  

Mission Statement

Structured Solutions, Inc. personnel will treat the customer as their employer, displaying a strong work ethic, producing work products that meet or exceed the quality standards put in place by the customer.



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